Professional Development

Professional Development Courses

EMATHS (Embracing Mathematics, Assessment, & Technology in High Schools) is a Michigan Mathematics and Science Partnership Competitive Grant project. The professional development courses offered on this site were developed as part of the "scaling up" efforts of the EMATHS project. The goals of the project are to increase teachers' content knowledge, to increase the use of best practices around classroom practices, and to embed technology into effective instruction. These courses have been designed around the 8 day face-to-face professional development workshops that are also a part of the EMATHS project.

A facilitator will be assigned to each group of participants taking the online course. Each course lasts for 12 weeks. Participants in the online course can expect to spend a minimum of 2 hours per week online and approximately an additional 2-3 hours offline completing tasks to successfully complete the course. Participation in the course includes downloading and completing activities, uploading assignments to the site, watching video segments, reflecting on practice, contributing to blog discussions, researching the web, using TI-Nspire technology and software, interacting with fellow teachers, and more.

Student Assessments

For Teachers

The EMATHS Unit Assessments are aligned with the units presented during the EMATHS workshops; Implementing the Algebra I Units, Implementing the Geometry Units, and Implementing the Algebra II Units. The assessments are also aligned with the units shared during the EMATHS online PD courses. All unit assessments consist of between 27 and 42 multiple-choice items. Each assessment is given online and the teacher has the option of randomizing the questions as well as randomizing the answer choices.

As an EMATHS participant you are encouraged to set up a free account and use the assessments to pre- and post-assess your students as part of progress monitoring.

To maintain a high level of security, teachers will create their own secure account and enter or import their own student information. The system will assign a random 12-digit code for each assessment taken by a student. The system, as well as administrators, will not be able to identify a specific student. Only the teacher will have access to item-analysis data for their students and classes. Teachers will be able to receive immediate feedback and to track correct and incorrect responses by a particular student or class.

For Students

The EMATHS Online Assessments were developed to address the content included in Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II and assessed on the Michigan Merit Exam. The assessments have also been aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. Your teachers will register you to take the assessments appropriate to your current studies. The assessments are given online, once you press submit, you will not be able to return to the assessment. Your teacher will share the results with you.